Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of order for Consumers

Where the Customer is a Consumer the Customer has seven working days (beginning the day after receipt of the Goods and/or Gas) to cancel its purchase. If the Customer wishes to cancel its order it must write to the Company at the email or postal address detailed below. The Customer must return any Goods and/or Gas the Company has delivered at the Customer’s cost to any authorised distributor or dealer of the Company. Refunds will be credited to the original method of payment within 30 days. If the Customer does not return the Goods and/or Gas, the Company may arrange to collect them from the Customer at the Customer’s cost.

If the Company has made a mistake with any Goods and/or Gas sent to the Customer or it is faulty or damaged, the Customer must notify the Company and the Company will replace the faulty/damaged Goods and/or Gas.